Testimonies: Israeli Soldiers on the Intifada, 1993

A documentary by the Eduyot Association

Israeli soldiers talk about their terms of active duty in the course of the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising). Recounting military operations within a civilian population, through interviews and filmed documentation, the film directs a troubling look at the dehumanization of Palestinians pervasive in Israel’s military.

Released in 1993, Testimonies was aired on television networks in Britain, Sweden, Holland, France, Belgium, on cable TV in the USA, at international film festivals and conferences, in academic classrooms and in Israeli cinematheques.

Ido Sela – Writer & Director
Amit Breuer – Producer
Gabbi Bonwitt – Lead Interviewer
Eitan Harris – Cameraman
Tamar Yaron – Editor
Israel David – Soundman
Rela Mazali – Concept Development, Assistant Director, Researcher, Interviewer, Translator
Gil Yeshua – Chief Researcher
Miri Maman – Researcher
Moshe Ron Interviewer
Co-Producer – Ruben Korenfeld
Les Films D’Ici
In Association with Channel 4
Commissioning Editor – Alan Fountain