The research collected here

A study of immediate, surrounding reality

Most of what I write is a study of my immediate, surrounding reality. But parts of this body of writing are shaped (or “packaged” in marketing jargon) in the molds customary to scientific or academic articles or to journalism.

In writing and submitting academic articles, I’ve observed the rules that usually dictate what counts as research and apply to the type of writing that gets published in academic journals. These have guided me in structuring the syntax, in selecting the vocabulary, in framing the topics, in setting the tone of each piece and deciding its length, or in the ways the piece encoded references to other writing, and so forth.

Most of the pieces collected in this part of the website were accepted by and published in scientific, academic venues (journals or books). In that sense, they were formally recognized as scientific, academic articles.

Other pieces were published as opinions or news reports on news sites or by civil society organizations.

The pieces in this section deal with more or less the same range of topics that is studied and narrated by the essay tales.