The writing on this shelf

My writing has no shelf in bookstores

“Which shelf will it stand on in bookstores?”

My writing has no shelf in bookstores. I’ve built one for it that I call “essay tales.”

I write hybrid literature. That was a personal, artistic, political decision taken many years ago. It tells tales that narrate thinking, sensations, research, close scrutiny, flights of fancy and findings.

The half-breed writs on this shelf take a close look at the writer, without giving her much of a break, and through her at her surroundings. Mapping her position in a social, political and personal context, they study strong forces that operate in that context both on her and others; that operate that context. Meanwhile, the writing scans the nuances of writing, both its processes and its products.

I write two languages that I grew up in, sometimes Hebrew, sometimes English, occasionally translating, recrafting and traveling from one to the other.